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Bree BV Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator

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Bree was born on, and currently resides in, Treaty 6 Territory of Edmonton.  Having had little connection to her extended family, ancestors, and family history has left her focused on connection, and in particular, finding it through community. 

As a childcare business owner for over 20 years, working with her diploma in Early Child Care and Learning, Bree has always exceeded expectations. She loves to expand practices and explore new ways of teaching and doing things while supporting others starting out in her industry.

Over 5 years ago, Bree found herself changing career, and she continues to bring her thirst to learn and try new things into her Virtual Assistant (VA) agency. With her incredible team by her side Bree leads the agency, BeeVee Professional Services, to support business owners, so that they don’t have to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster on their own. It was through her work as a VA, that she came to work with Elaine Alec and learn the practices to Cultivate Safe Spaces.

Why this work matters…

Even before becoming trained as a facilitator, Bree worked with her team to unlearn the practices we were raised with and strived to decolonize these practices. Together they aspire to create a love-based workspace that trusts everyone on the team to do their work in the way that serves them best. 

As a facilitator, Bree wants to help heal the ways that teams work in business and industries that we work in so that we can create community, grow and heal together.  What if we got curious about working in a love-based work environment in place of a fear-based one? What could that look and feel like?  

Bree’s also passionate about sharing these teachings with teachers and educators.  She believes it would be an incredible gift of teaching to share these practices with our children so they can grow up in a very different community-supported and healing world!

Bree highly values her connection to nature and community. For many years now, she has been working with a non-profit organization to promote inclusion for families to explore nature while connecting together. Bree loves spending time with her family, and friends, live music, game nights, snowboarding, camping and anything in nature. Anything that involves connection and community and she’s in! She can’t wait to connect with you!

Bree BV Cultivating Safe Spaces Facilitator<br />


I have been involved in all aspects of business and planning and running teams for 20 years. I have never been so impressed with the response, creativity and problem-solving skills that Bree possesses. She has an answer and process for every detail you could need from the smallest task to the biggest project. Bree and her team have been an integral part of my company’s growth

Elaine Alec

“I have used BeeVee Professionals Services several times for work that ranged from general assistance to very specific technical tasks. In all cases I was impressed with the quality of the results. I found the owner and staff to be knowledgeable, efficient, motivated and easy to work with. I highly recommend them for all areas of digital assistance. “


“Bree rescued me from overload! She was recommended to me by another Coach. I love our strategy meetings once a week to discuss our plans for the week or months ahead. Bree has lots of creative ideas and is really a pleasure to work with. She really takes time to get to know me and understand what my goals are. I couldn’t have possibly gotten so organized with all the tasks I needed to do to keep my business running and working in a orderly & timely way. She is super creative with posting my content and adding amazing graphics and has an ability to create and adapt to numerous different types of tasks. “


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